Take a lesson from this, kids, drugs don’t pay!

Heh. You know what I had running through my head almost the entire time I was laying out this page?

“I burned down a building for you, but then I got high,

I was gonna say “I love you,” too, but then I got high,

Now I’m a kitten pancake, and I know why! (Whyy?)

Because I got high, because I got high, because I got hi-igh,


Ahhhh . . . . god damn, I’m old. Anyways! You called it, he flubbed it, next page is Monday!

EDIT:  Update will be on Thursday. Also, an interesting snag has been hit. When I started Chat, I was using a particular brand of special paper, of distinctive size, weight and marking, that I have grown to love. Unfortunately, the one store carrying it has run out, and when asked when they will receive more, answered with a shrug. The store has a sister store in San Jose, so hopefully a “drive of shame” will allow me to purchase this paper to which I have become sadly addicted. Still, this depends on if they even have it in the first place. I will attempt to stretch out time between updates to give myself more time to find this paper. I wish I had bought more . . . I’m down to four pieces!