I believe this is what we call “succeeding in spite of yourself.”

In other news, PAPER! Sweet zombie Jesus, PAPER! The one little store that sells the paper I use for Chat restocked over the holiday weekend!!! They had four packs in stock, so I bought three. Left one over for the hypothetical other poor bastard who is now hopelessly hooked on this stuff. Who may simply end up being “Audrey three months from now when this new supply runs out.”

The temptation to dump it all out on the floor and roll around in it orgiastically is great, but I can’t risk bending it. This stuff don’t grow on trees, after all!

Sorry about the late update, but I was glad to have the extra time to give this page some additional cleanup. Next update is Friday, and I might give myself the Monday afterwards off. 🙂

EDIT: Sprained dominant wrist. Hate world. See you Monday, kids.