Hey everyone! I’m back! And yes, I know this is a cheap way to use my reintroduction update, but screw it – I have a STORE now! I have been dragging my feet horribly to get this set up for YEARS, but it’s here now, and it’s up, and there will be stuff added to it as time goes on. So, for those of you who haven’t purchased a Bunnies book yet, or would like your own copy of Sauce, or the second Sauce book, containing 100% offline material? Head on over!  Currently in production are also a SinisterCat book and Bunnies Book 3, and yes, I am certain Chat will also become a book in due time. I have always been horrendous with promotion and commerce, and suitably ashamed about that, but now it is time for me to embrace these things as the natural part of being an artist. So BUY MY STUFF!

Okay, I think this wild frenzy of capitalism has finally subsided.


. . . . . Okay, there it goes.