Uh oh . . . . trouble brewing.

So what’s this “other thing” I’m involved with? Well, Chloe, in addition to her own comic’s website, also has a Deviantartย account. That’s where she’s been posting the comics that we have made in conjunction.

Ladies and gentlemen . . . . The Adventures of Angry Batman.

Now, she is drawing ALL of these – believe me, I WISH I could take credit for this, I love her goddamned style. I guess I would be the co-writer? Idea generator? . . . . Intern? I dunno. Ultimately, I’m behind most of these, with only a handful written entirely by Chloe herself. See if you can guess which ones they are!

Well, I should go enjoy myself before DC rains down cease-and-desist letters upon us. New Chat comic Monday, as what is now per usual!

EDIT: Due to an unanticipated journey involving, shall we say, a “Colorado bake sale”, the work produced today was still short of a full comic. Sorry. It was worth it, I assure you. New comic Thursday!