Uh oh . . . here comes the fuzz! Or possibly just a janitor, hard to tell. Either way, Etoile has swung his plan into action!

Yes, he’s male. Fanciest, daintiest, CATTIEST dude around – but a dude nonetheless, for what little it matters!

Okay, this is my last preloaded comic, so if something horrible has gone wrong with my new computer, new Photoshop installation or transfer of my handwriting font, you’ll know it next Thursday!


EDIT: Well, the good news is, nothing went wrong with the new computer, Photoshop installation or font transfer, the bad news is something went wrong with my BRAIN. Can’t help that one. I’m on the right track now, but I’m way too far behind for a Thursday update. Sorry, folks. We should have all this right as rain by Monday.

ADDITIONAL EDIT: Okay, it’s almost Monday, and things still aren’t right. I lost most of this weekend when I needed it most, but there was no way around that. If I were to update tonight, I would be putting up a piece in black and white with no grayscale inking and beyond putrid French from a hasty, poorly-done translation. I’ve pulled that move once before, and I hate doing it. I’m sorry, I don’t know what else to say. Try me again in a few days.