A few minutes late to the party, but at least I wore a nice dress. It is beyond awesome to watch someone school someone else, doubly so when the schooled party seriously deserves it, TRIPLY so when the schooling party is less than aware of it! Ange’s day is MADE.

So yeah, I’m on the fence about whether or not I like my new, MUCH more modern version of Photoshop. On the one hand, I am thirty one going on 3001, and I do miss my old, simplified setup with a less sensitive tracking mouse. On the other hand, this new program can detect and insert French character marks so I don’t have to add them by hand. New scanner’s looping me a bit too. Is this comic looking okay to everyone else? Better than the rest?  . . . worse?

I want honesty here, people. Also, if anyone else can point me in the direction of a free downloadable program to play AVIs, I’d appreciate it. For some reason, that is a mountain the new version of Quicktime somehow cannot climb.

New comic Monday. For serious this time.