Everyone who also thinks this is a good idea, say something!


Sorry for the late update, at least it’s roughly day-of! The con was a blast, met a lot of great people, moved a surprising amount of stock, and also sneaked up behind Randy Milholland and said “boo.” Dude is just the sweetest man ever, which is a little surprising to those who read his comparatively caustic comics! (For the record, his comic? Something Positive. I’m sure most of you already read it, but just in case you don’t, click there now. Or here.) Also, in order to keep up with the Portlandian fashion trend, I have a Twitter now! Here it is!┬áIt’s not very good, but I did just start it. I’ll try to add a button for it to the site later.

Also got caught in a snowstorm over Mt. Ashland on the way home. Just happy I wasn’t one of the six cars I saw that it grounded!

EDIT: I’ve been inking for hours, but it’s almost 4:30 am and just can’t do it anymore. Crashing. Comic should be up in the afternoon, Pacific time.