We’ve reached Chapter 5, “Quo Vadis?”, or as it’s referenced in my personal notes, “Angechat Goes to Hell.” If my notes are anything to go by, this is going to be my longest and most action-filled chapter so far, which is great for you and sleep-depriving for me! 😀

I feel I should warn you in advance, while THIS week is lined up almost perfectly, next week is up in the air. I’ve been down with a virus for the past four days, treating it with at least as many over-the-counter remedies, and while the melting colors are a nice touch, I’m still not well enough to work, still not well enough to go out for longer than, say, an hour and still not well enough to work on pages. Fortunately, I’ve got some free time coming up for Independence Day weekend, and with any luck I can make up for lost time. Still, if next week’s comics come late or piecemeal, well, there’s your answer. Hope everyone reading this is healthier than me! (‘Specially you, Ace!)


Chapter officially starts on Thursday!