You know, you’d think you’d be happy that she’s not pissed off, but somehow? This is SCARIER.

Also, Phecda, yes, I stole your joke for the alt-text. Take it as the compliment it is. 🙂

I’ll try for a Thursday update, (see below) but I gotta be honest, production has now officially caught up to the storyboards, so I’ve got to actually design the next page before I can even draw it!

Thank you all again for your readership. <3

EDIT: Yep, I called it. Concept can’t keep up with production, and considering the problems with production, that’s saying something. Wanted to actually let folks know on TIME this time. I’m going to staple storyboards to my forehead for the next few days so I’m always thinkin’ about them and maybe can finally come up with something. New comic Monday.