NO INDEED. You stick those little kitty noses right in there, kids. I cannot imagine even one little thing that could go wrong!

Then again, I’m not particularly imaginative. 😉

So yeah! Passover! Missing bread, hating matzah, wondering what’s gone wrong with my life, the usual. Not much to report except – oh! There is one thing! I’m launching a new cartoon series in J. Weekly, after weeks of wrangling. See, there isn’t really a Jewish slice of life comic that I can think of that doesn’t, well, blow, so I’m taking a crack at it. If you’re Jewish, or like Jewish stuff, or are just looking for one more thing to fill the hours in the day, head on over to Starts on Thursday. Please excuse the website, it seriously sucks and the search function doesn’t work. They’re trying to update that.

Other than that, new comic Thursday! And yes, Ace and Curlcoat, I’m sorry to say that this series is slowly drawing to its close. But it’s had a pretty nice run, don’t you think? We’ve had some fun. And you KNOW it’s not the end of comics on this site. Never the end. Not for me.

Whew, long news post. See ya!