. . . . continued on Thursday.

Also, some quick updates:

Well, first of all, thanks to the tireless efforts of my buddy Ace, I have now been nominated in the Webcomics category of the Rose and Bay Awards! Now, voting doesn’t open until February 1st, and I will put up reminders then, too, I just wanted to get word out ahead of time. If you like what you see at my site, please vote for me!

Secondly, I am going to be the Cartoonist-in-Residence on March 9th at the Charles M Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California. I’ll be selling books and prints, hopefully have paintings up for folks to look at, and, of course, will happily make custom artwork on request. I’m technically only on from one to three, but the last time I had a Cartoonist-in-Residence gig, they let me come early and stay late, so who knows!