Does he even know where Paris IS?! If he didn’t steal a map from the travel agency, then let’s hope that that portal is smarter than the kitten using it!

Getting back on track. The next few pages are a bit of rough going, as I have to learn a bit more about the mean streets of residential Paris before I plop any characters there, but I think I’ve got my designs down. I feel secure declaring Monday the next update day.

Also debating as to whether or not I should get a Facebook for this thing. On the one hand, it would mean more exposure. On the other hand, it would mean another online social presence I would have to maintain, which is neither a talent nor a joy to me. I mean crap, the LJ’s been dead for how long, and I can barely keep THIS place from falling apart! I don’t have a reputation as a misanthropic hermit for nothing, after all. 🙂

EDIT: Working, but not hard enough. Getting it done, but not fast enough. One more day, by heaven and earth, I just need one more day.