I don’t know where she gets this stuff! I guess hanging around with Demon IS a bad influence!

. . . except she said it in French. The mystery deepens! Or not.

So yeah! Getting mega-excited / pants-pissingly scared for Emerald City Comic Con. Got a lot to do, but at least I’ll have a bunch of Chats lined up and ready to go for when I do it! Next weekend Chloe and I are putting aside the time to just CRUNCH through a bunch of last minute printing, compiling, and stapling. I think we should buy the people at the print shop donuts or something so they don’t throw us out.

New kitties Monday!  Scratch that, I had to work the weekend again and it’s left me with an energy deficit. I think I need to switch to my once-a-week schedule so I stop disappointing people. Comic Thursday, rain or shine.