Little girl has a hard decision to make, but it looks like she’s made it!

Anyways, life is a little up in the air, but things have been, while rather tiring, improving at a rapid rate! I’m really very pleased at the moment, if exhausted, and I’m trying to plan ahead on comics as far as I can so any life stress doesn’t affect my comic, or my readers. 🙂

Also I engaged in horrible experiments in MineCraft. You see, you can make a lead there, and lead animals like cows and horses around? Well, I discovered in my morbid curiosity that you can attach a lead to, say, a pig, then fly thousands of feet up in the air . . . and cut the lead. When it lands? Pork chops!

Where was I again? Oh yeah, next comic Thursday!

EDIT: Okay, resaved a new copy as a PROPER jpeg this time, there shouldn’t be a problem, but there probably will be so be sure to let me know if there is!