I like God, he’s a good guy, or gal, or neither, depending. Everyone seems to see something different. Pretty sure Etoile’s vision is pretty conventional, though. Also, a funny thing about sarcasm: apparently, it’s consistent across Romantic languages. Not sure if the intonations and stresses still work in English, as it’s a Teutonic language, but English is a weird bird no matter what, so maybe!

God’s cat is Josefina. A former rural stray and four-time mother, a chance encounter with a car on a road at night has gotten her to where she is today. Any catlike sense of cleverness or guile has been completely melted away by eons of the absolute bestĀ pettings and belly rubs in the universe. That has absolutely nothing to do with this story, but it was fun to think up while drawing her.

I hate to do this now, but it looks like we’re hitting that point where my process is breaking down again. I need to get my bearings, and gear up for the next part of the chapter. I’ll be back on April 2nd, rain or shine. Probably shine. Thanks, global warming.