Well, get to it kids, let’s see what’s out there!

The bad news is I’m late, the good news is I’m no longer sleeping fourteen hours at a stretch and starting fights in the Walgreens, so I’ll consider it a win!

They say the last miles of a long journey are the hardest, and this is no exception. I’m thinking of scaling back to once a week to handle this. I love working in bottled-ink color, but the pace is killing me. At least for this week, next page is Thursday unless (until?) otherwise noted.

EDIT: I called it, but not in the way I expected. Fourteen hours of sleep, Audrey? Really? Really needed to do that instead of pages, huh? Jesus Christ, we’re sending in a prince to kiss you awake if you pull that crap again. And by prince, I mean hobo we paid ten bucks.

Page will be done tonight. Up in time for Friday morning.