. . . this is something new!

Well, finally finished it at 3 a.m. on Friday. Wonderful. You think I should switch my update day to Friday? I’m going to try it next week to see if I can handle myself for a change. Thanks again for bearing with me folks – we’re at the last ten pages or so and for some reason, they’re harder than any of the 170 that came before!

EDIT: THE GAME PLAN: Going to sleep 10 p.m. PST. Waking up at 1 a.m. Should finish the paint job / post-production by 4.  5 a.m. at the latest. I swear to God this is going to work, and I am going to stand by that right up until the moment when it doesn’t!!!!!!

UPDATE: VALIUM IS THE DEVIL. I took one (legally-prescribed) tablet to ensure that I would fall asleep at the correct time to pull off my plan. I should have heeded the words of Kurt Vonnegut in the Book of Bokonon: “Any man can call time-out, but no man can determine how long that time-out will be.”

The page isn’t even close to postable condition yet. I have no idea what to do.

SECOND UPDATE: After throwing my little fit on Friday, I went off on a vision quest to discover my spirit animal.

I discovered that my spirit animal is one of those little cloth rats with a bell tied to it they make for cats to play with.

I returned home bitterly disappointed and resumed work. New page Thursday.