Looks like the little fellow finally has got himself an idea! Let’s see how he does on his follow-through!

I’ve  always loved the concept of “The Pools” since I’ve had it, a large expanse of territory that consists of thousands, possibly millions of pools. Thing is? They’re not all bad. Oh, don’t get me wrong, most of them are HORRIBLE, but there are also pools of clear distilled water, lemon-lime soda, bubbling liquid gold, etc. The problem is, they’re all scattered around each other, conforming to no pattern or intuitive map, and due to constant interference of sight, noise and smell, they are very easy to confuse. For example, there is a pool of chocolate pudding, and maybe three feet away there is a pool of . . . decidedly NOT chocolate pudding. You get the picture.

Glad I’ve finally got my groove back, scheduling ability-wise. Next update is . . . aw, hell, let’s be generous and say Monday!