Lolo is really, REALLY good at her job, and her sense of respect is equally meritocratic. Looks like the little shaver is finally starting to earn some of it at last!

No clue if this will actually ever be germane to the story, but here’s an interesting fact: there’s no sun where these two live, being subterranean and all, but the interior does seem to have its own natural luminescence. This more or less fabricates daytime. You might also have noticed the columns of smoke coming up all over the place. These smoke clouds eventually mass together in the upper vaults of the space until all light is obscured. This fabricates night. At peak darkness, the smoke vents shut off until it’s sufficiently light again. Hey, you need a way to keep time SOMEhow, right?

Sorry about the late update, but at least it’s on the right day this time. Next update is Thursday.