All right, back in the saddle with a brand-new chapter!

I’ve been using my week off from comics as wisely as I’ve been able. Trying to get as far ahead as I can. Of course, knowing my capacity to build up a buffer of material, and then immediately run straight through it, not sure how far that will get me. 🙂

More action this Thursday!

UPDATE: Another delay?! What the heck?!?!

Well, I think my current situation with a translator has fallen through, so at present it’s just me, some Berlitz books, my online training course and the Internet versus the French language.  I’ve either got to find a new translator or “fake it ’til I make it.”. It’s looking a lot like the latter, so I’m going to get my ducks in a row, get it going again on Monday and hope I don’t make myself look like too big of an idiot!