Does she know him or WHAT?

So, I figured out at my issue with previous pages lies in the scanner! So, for the time being, I have switched back to the old scanner on the old machine, which is now my dedicated work machine. I will continue to use this scanner until the end of the project, if that’s what it takes to maintain consistent quality in my pages. I LOVE YOU ALL THAT FREAKING MUCH.

Anyways, Emerald City Comic Con is bearing down like a freight train, and among my regular concern of getting merch on time and ironing out travel details, I’m also doing my best to make sure I have pages that will run during the con. I’ll do my best, but I might have to pull it back to Thursday updates only for a couple of weeks. Wish I had a better stopping place before leaving, but what can you do.

Well, that’s the last of the new business. See you Thursday!

EDIT: Technically difficulties, still not quite ready. I’ll have it up in the evening!