Also known under the title “Mondo’s Gigantic Ass Is Stuck In The Cat Door.”

Don’t worry about him, this happens. A lot.

So, two things I want to address. First of all, in a comment in the previous comic, Krulle asked me why I simply didn’t add a photographic background in comics. It’s not a bad idea – it would save me a great deal of time, and effort, and while I would still be producing bilious hate, it would be at reduced levels.

But there’s one critical flaw to that plan; it wouldn’t teach me how to draw a moon, or an aerial map of Paris, or any of the thousand other images that have tempted me to take an easier way out. Before artists had unfettered access to Google image search and Photoshop, they learned to make all this and more themselves, and their work was important, as it became reference for countless others in turn. I don’t care if Leonardo WOULD have used Photoshop had he had it in his time, I still think DIY analog is a noble endeavor. To quote Chris Onstad’s alt-text to a comic he made with an intricate table in it, “I hate that table, but hate does not make me draw better.”

Secondly, while the bonus art run is over (yay!), I will now be going on a short hiatus (oh, f*** you!). Not only would I appreciate a little more time to get Chapter 4 launched in style, but I can use that time to finish work on the SinisterCat book (yes, there’s going to be one), get the site store launched (designed by webmaster Nat!), upgrade my computer and scanner and oh yeah . . . get some Christmas shopping done. 😉

Anyways, thank you for your understanding, or your frustration, whichever is forthcoming at the moment. I shall be back with a refilled quiver on the day after Christmas!